Wednesday, 13 September 2017

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Of course, there is much more to a relationship besides sex, but without it's what have you got?! JUST A ROOMMATE TO DO THINGS WITH! A relationship without the sex is called a "friendship."
We all change over the years, and women who were once very open and generous in the bedroom can take a damaging U-turn after just so many years. Before, he was having sex every night. Now, after so many years, he is lucky to get it once a week, if that!
Does this sound familiar to you? Are you afraid of getting married because of this? You wouldn't be the only one. Many, many men won't get married because of this one thing alone. They have heard horror stories of men not getting any more sex from their wives. There are too many women who take sex for granted. Men enjoy their pleasures as much as the women enjoy just the romance and cuddling. Pleasuring one another is what makes a good relationship. 
You obviously can't see into the future, so your chances of knowing if she will turn frigid on you down the road are pretty slim. All you can do is go with what you know about her right now, and then just hope for the best in the future.
One thing you should keep in mind is how she acts in the bedroom right now. Here are some questions to ask yourself:
- Has the sex gone down to only once a week, if that? As time goes by it will grow even worse.  She knows a guy likes it a certain amount of times a week, but she still isn't there for him like she use to be.
- Is she into the sex as much as you are, or is she just going through the motions, not showing much enthusiasm?
- Is she still willing to be there for your needs, even though she isn't in the mood?
- Does she only want to do a couple of positions, and that's it?
- Does she GENUINELY think sex plays an important role in a relationship?
Way too many men don't want to divorce their wives or break up with their long-time girlfriends because they would then feel like a louse, and / or they are afraid of what the relatives and friends would think.  What?! You left just because you weren't getting enough sex?! Does this sound familiar to some of you who got a divorce because of the lack of sex? Somehow it just doesn't seem like a legitimate reason to break up a relationship. But, it is! A woman who labels her mate as a "all you want is sex" kind of a guy just because he wants sex at least five times a week is a man's worst nightmare. There is nothing wrong with having sex that many times a week, or even more. And how long does each time last? Fifteen minutes, at the very most? That is "a lot"?! If she thinks that, run the other way. You really want to be with a woman like that?!

For those of you who won't break up with your mates because you may feel like a louse and / or what others may think of you:
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